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    Social Media Boost

    Does This Describe You? You’re a busy entrepreneur. You know you need a consistent social media presence to build your reputation and attract new clients. But you find you just don’t have the time to do what needs to be done! There is a solution! Our competitors like to refer to “social media marketing” as keeping your queue filled with quotes and random statements. Often they are … [Read More...]

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    About Beth

    Beth Neibert, Principal Greetings! I’m delighted you stopped here to learn more about what we have to offer, but first… please allow me a moment to share a perspective, our underlying attitude and what we believe are the “7 Key Strategies” for becoming known as an expert in your field and increasing traffic to your website. Entrepreneurs today must be sure-footed and ready to … [Read More...]

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    Foot Traffic Frenzy

    Let your customers do the “footwork” to drive more traffic into your business People are exploring their neighborhoods and looking for local businesses. They’re going to venues where their friends have “checked in” and left comments about the service they received. They’re using their cell phones and posting comments and even pictures on Facebook and FOURSQUARE! Do you know what … [Read More...]


    Those Pesky Facebook Advertising Guidelines – Solution #1

    Have you been frustrated by Facebook’s denial to let you create an ad, boost a post or share a sponsored story? After all, it’s just an image attached! Right? Why isn’t it working?

    This may be the answer you’re looking for…

    Facebook recently updated some of their advertising guidelines and they’re checking the images for word space. Basically, it cannot have more than 20% of the space occupied by text.

    Here’s a Grid Tool app that Facebook has provided all of us so we can check our images before launching them.

    You simply upload your image:

    facebook, social media, marketing

    Then click on all of the boxes containing text:

    Facebook, sponsored stories, image, boost

    In my example, you see that this image would fail as text occupies 84% of the image space.

    I hope this information helps you create powerful images for your boosted posts, ads and sponsored stories and… remember, this is just a guide and Facebook has the final say.

    If you have used this tool, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please leave a comment below. Thank you!


    12 Tips for Launching Website Infographics

    I always enjoy a great Infographic; seems to make my job of interpreting the information easier and I love the creativity. When I found this awesome blog post on the subject by Syed Noman Ali, I jumped for joy! It was full of so much great information, I felt I just had to pass it along to you. Take a moment to read about the 12 Tips for Launching Website Infographics then leave your thoughts for me in the comments below…


    Numbers don’t lie. That’s true. But they can be really boring. When you have a lot of numbers, try to help the viewer relate to them. Infographics are very “in” these days but what are they? Simply put, they are a combination of information and graphics. Effective communication is the key when dealing with a lot of information. Although, an appealing design is crucial to attract readers, it is not everything. Here are our 12 tips for [Read more...]


    Killer Companies: LinkedIn – Are You Using Their Strength to Your Advantage?

    MSN.com recently reported LinkedIn among the “Killer Companies” in the world and asked the question: “Can anything slow down LinkedIn?”  While their article focuses on the financial gains LinkedIn made in the last quarter, I believe their story further validates that the system is also continuing to grow. They add new features to meet the international, business professional’s desire to connect and have effective, budget-friendly advertising. Taking it a step further…

    Whether we are in business for ourselves or working with a team, in today’s electronically advanced world it is important to have our resume [Read more...]