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Beth Neibert, Principal


I’m delighted you stopped here to learn more about what we have to offer, but first… please allow me a moment to share a perspective, our underlying attitude and what we believe are the “7 Key Strategies” for becoming known as an expert in your field and increasing traffic to your website.

Entrepreneurs today must be sure-footed and ready to engage change and quickly. The “work hard” ethics of yester-year are not enough today to keep even the “big dogs” from being nervous at the pace in which we must adjust business today in a fast, technologically ever-changing world; where people make decisions about whether they are going to buy from you, hire you or even “like” you within 15-seconds or less. The “sound-bite” opportunities used today to convince a prospective client that your unique selling proposition is exactly what they need is dramatically different; like comparing a stage coach ride to a steeple chase.

There is an underlying value and a magical combination of mechanisms, however, that few people have put together in order to guarantee being found by the right prospects and having them appreciate your value on the spot.

I was among those that used to spend countless hours trying to locate my “perfect customer.” I honed and perfected my elevator speech so that it would be ready for just the right set of ears. I became known as a “networker’s networker” because of the connections I would make between people… hoping and believing that they would reciprocate with a referral. Yes, referrals came, but not nearly as quickly as my accountant would have liked.

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