“When I first met Beth I was an eager yet scattered business owner.  I had a new product and a new solution for an old problem that still challenges most people, yet I did not have a clear, concise message to convey the best solution to that problem.   Beth helped first develop a brand and then a short powerful commercial to reflect my new professional direction.  Beth also challenged me to think big, expand my vision.  As a result, I am now helping more people and see the opportunity to make an even bigger positive impact in even more people’s lives.  And, of course, since I am compensated for results, my bottom line is better too (and for all the right reasons).  Thank you, Beth, from the bottom of my heart.”

Mark Stern, Principal
Stern Financial Group

“I have been working with Beth and am always amazed with each conversation we have. She is full of life, enthusiasm and loves to share. I have learned so much from just a few meetings. It is always nice to find someone who you can work with, be friends with and have such an awesome connection. For those of you who …have not had the opportunity to charge up your business, get a boost for life and tap into your creative juices in order to market your business through social media, then you are just plain missing out. Give Beth a call and get charged up, she is the best.”

Darylene Dennon, Owner
Solid Energy, Inc.

“Beth is amazingly passionate about what she does and helping her clients succeed. That passion allows her clients to thrive under her direction and coaching. I highly recommend Beth’s work!”

Tracey Warren, Principal
Ready, Set, Grow Marketing

“Beth, is an incredibly out going, knowledgeable person in the area of setting up campaigns for using SOC. She went over the top a number of times giving extra time, energy, and enthusiasm. I can’t say enough about her. She is truly devoted to her customers and goes above and beyond your expectations. I highly recommend her services to any business!!”

John Fuller, Owner
Oxymagic of Snohomish County

“Beth is a professional! Should you want to grow your business and sustain your current client base, her services will show how much they mean to you. Regular reminders to your clients that you CARE and that they are important to you is time more wisely spent than trying to stir up new strangers. Great business profile and strong work ethics.”

Marvin Versteeg, Owner
Sit Means Sit Western Washington

“Beth is a very energetic and positive person, who has many great ideas on how to use SendOutCards to grow one’s business and retain a strong customer base. I recommend Beth to all my friends, family, and business owner acquaintances. She is a great inspiration and has helped us tremendously in the area of customer appreciation. If you are looking to grow your business and keep your current customers, I would most certainly recommend you take an hour to visit with Beth!”

Kristina Smedley, Owner
Savvy Home Furnishings

“This is the thing with Beth. She is absolutely committed to her work, her clients, and life in general. If you allow Beth to help you get the most out of your business and personal contacts, she will be in it with you for the long haul. I would highly recommend talking to Beth about how a “simple” thing like written communication can build, strengthen, and sometimes SAVE a business. She knows her stuff.”

Ruth Shapovalov, Owner
Laughing In The Rain, LLC