Foot Traffic Frenzy

Let your customers do the “footwork” to drive more traffic into your business

People are exploring their neighborhoods and looking for local businesses. They’re going to venues where their friends have “checked in” and left comments about the service they received. They’re using their cell phones and posting comments and even pictures on Facebook and FOURSQUARE!

Do you know what they are saying?  YOU SHOULD!!! There is a sort of “frenzy” happening around you that you may not be aware of.

Wouldn’t you like to capitalize on this foot traffic!

FOURSQUARE is like a game to your customers (earning badges, points and even mayor-ships) and your business can play, too!

For merchants and other venue owners, FOURSQUARE will  help you find new customers, provide incentives like coupons to draw in more traffic, reward your visitors and keep your best ones coming back.

You might be saying, “One more place to keep track of, Oh My!” That’s why we created this package; just for people like YOU!

Here’s how we can help!

Our  FOOT TRAFFIC FRENZY package helps you get started on the right foot:

  • Create Coupons to drive traffic excitedly into your place of business,
  • Provide training in account management, and
  • Be available to support you along the way

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