Foot Traffic Frenzy

Let your customers do the “footwork” to drive more traffic into your business

People are exploring their neighborhoods and looking for local businesses. They’re going to venues where their friends have “checked in” and left comments about the service they received. They’re using their cell phones and posting comments and even pictures on Facebook and FOURSQUARE!

Do you know what they are saying?  YOU SHOULD!!! There is a sort of “frenzy” happening around you that you may not be aware of.

Wouldn’t you like to capitalize on this foot traffic!

Foot Traffic Frenzy - Business Promotion by Beth Neibert & Associates

FOURSQUARE is like a game to your customers (earning badges, points and even mayor-ships) and your business can play, too!

For merchants and other venue owners, FOURSQUARE will  help you find new customers, provide incentives like coupons to draw in more traffic, reward your visitors and keep your best ones coming back.

You might be saying, “One more place to keep track of, Oh My!” That’s why we created this package; just for people like YOU!

Here’s how we can help!

Our  FOOT TRAFFIC FRENZY package helps you get started on the right foot:

  • Create Coupons to drive traffic excitedly into your place of business,
  • Provide training in account management, and
  • Be available to support you along the way

You will be able to receive and give “tips” and offer specials to those people passing through your nearby area! Receive an alert message when someone leaves a comment; whether it’s less than glowing or positive, you can respond immediately to set things right or reward.

FOURSQUARE provides FREE advertisement for your business; who doesn’t want more of that?!  Just think,



Start the Foot Traffic Frenzy!

Grab it TODAY

ONLY $98

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Still Unsure About Your $98 Decision? Read On!

We can understand why you might be cautious. After all, we’ve never met, you don’t know us and we don’t know you. You’re also probably thinking that we said it was FREE! You’re right; FOURSQUARE is free, but we’re not and neither is your time. We’re offering this one time set-up service to spare you the time and effort needed to sort through the details in order to get it done. It’s also part of the reason why we’ve priced this so ridiculously low as a 1-time fee of $98.

We’re hoping you’ll say to yourself, “heck, it’s only $98, what have I got to lose?!” Your credit or debit card payment is processed by PayPal and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them. We know that you’ll benefit greatly from what we have to offer, so we’ve tried to remove all barriers for you.

Demonstrate a little trust in us and you’ll be delighted as we repay you many times over as we share the strategies we have successfully used to increase traffic for other businesses and how they will benefit your business, too. We should be charging at least 3x the asking price, but we don’t want to do that as we’re focused on assisting others in their success and want to help more people just like you.

As if that isn’t enough, we also offer:

7-Day, No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee!
(Less PayPal Processing Fees)

“We are so confident that you’ll be delighted with our service that we’ll happily give 100% of your money back if after our first meeting we don’t meet or exceed your expectations with the useful, practical and easy-to-follow, step-by-step strategies we will uncover for you during our first meeting.”

P.S. If that isn’t enough… Did you know that ANYONE could claim your business? It’s your business! As part of setting up your FOURSQUARE business account, we’ll CLAIM your business before someone else does! That’s why NOW is the best time to grab your mouse and click on the “Buy Now” button you see below…

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