Top 5 Nuggets: PLATFORM, Get Noticed in a Noisy World By Michael Hyatt

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, online marketingWhen I first picked up Michael Hyatt’s book, PLATFORM: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, my first thought was, “Darn it, Michael, you beat me to it!” But then as I read and finished his book, I discovered it’s an awesome compliment to my book, 7 Marketing Success Strategies for the Online Entrepreneur. I’ll get into the reasons and some of the nuggets in his book in a moment, but first let me summarize his book for you.

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Killer Companies: LinkedIn – Are You Using Their Strength to Your Advantage?

MSN.com recently reported LinkedIn among the “Killer Companies” in the world and asked the question: “Can anything slow down LinkedIn?”  While their article focuses on the financial gains LinkedIn made in the last quarter, I believe their story further validates that the system is also continuing to grow. They add new features to meet the international, business professional’s desire to connect and have effective, budget-friendly advertising. Taking it a step further…

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7 Reasons You’re Not Generating Leads From Social Media

This post was originally written by Pam Sahota. Pam is a content strategist and freelance blogger who loves Boston, photography, charity events, sushi, wine, and the Red Sox. It had so many wonderful nuggets, I didn’t want you to miss them and chose to post it here. Please read to the bottom for my personal comments.

Lead Generation Strategies by Beth NeibertSocial media is a great inbound marketing tool that allows businesses and marketing teams to interact with prospects, cater to customers, promote their content, and yes, generate leads. When a business uses social media right, prospective customers have the opportunity to access [Read more…]


Business Marketing Success Strategy – Writing a Killer Press Release

Last week’s post not only covered what a Press Release was, why you would want to release one and where to get it published online for maximum exposure. If you missed that article, I encourage you to go back and read it first and return here to get “the rest of the story.”

Writing a press release takes time, research and some skill.

Business Marketing Success Strategy - Writing a Killer Press ReleaseWriting a killer press release, which catapults visibility of the message and drives results, requires adding a few more ingredients to the mix.

To get the results you want, follow these six steps:

1. Craft a hook

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Business Marketing Success Strategy – Set Your Brand Newsroom in Motion

“A press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the news media announcing something claimed as having news value with the intent of gaining media coverage.”

Beth Neibert recommends press releasesContinuing on with The Best Online Strategies for Business Marketing Success in 2012 would not be complete if I didn’t expand further on the power of the online Press Release. Do you think the press release is dead in the age of social media?

No way. A powerful press release can tell a story, report news or help a cause. Smart online writers know that a great press release can take your message to new channels and reach thousands or even millions of new readers. And a terrific press release has great SEO benefits as well. There is no question in my mind about the benefits that come from releasing your own press release, because I and my clients have firsthand knowledge and benefited from the exposure over and over again.

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