Those Pesky Facebook Advertising Guidelines – Solution #1

Have you been frustrated by Facebook’s denial to let you create an ad, boost a post or share a sponsored story? After all, it’s just an image attached! Right? Why isn’t it working?

This may be the answer you’re looking for…

Facebook recently updated some of their advertising guidelines and they’re checking the images for word space. Basically, it cannot have more than 20% of the space occupied by text.

Here’s a Grid Tool app that Facebook has provided all of us so we can check our images before launching them.

You simply upload your image: [Read more…]


Business Marketing Success Strategy – Integrate Marketing Activities Around a Specific Goal

Best Online Strategies for Business Marketing SuccessAs I wrap up my “Business Marketing Success Strategy” series, one core element to keep in mind, is “don’t take your eyes off the target.” After all, high levels of traffic, increased conversion rates and better revenues are the whole point of the content game in your online marketing strategies. Finding a way to track and analyze audience metrics at each stage of the users’ journey is important.

Designated landing pages, prominent and actionable calls-to-action, tracking URLs and functional forms will help you collect user data and tailor your next message on the basis of each specific user’s engagement with your content. As social networking becomes more sophisticated, so too are the [Read more…]


HELP! My Business Card Stinks!

Sound familiar? While a business card can be one of the most powerful marketing tools, it’s often not given the focus or the attention it needs to be effective. A business card has the potential to be a deal breaker or maker; especially when you’re making a first impression. Pull out your business card and look at it as you read through my blog. If you have a business and don’t have a card, I recommend you read this even more closely.  It’s very likely you are missing out on business.  Ask yourself, “Can you afford to loose business?”

Does your business card give the recipient the impression of professionalism or sloppiness? Is the content [Read more…]


5 MUST HAVES in a Facebook Fan Page Aimed to Impress Your Visitors

Should you choose to have a professional presence on Facebook, which is absolutely necessary to maintain a marketing edge in today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to use your Fan Page to its full advantage for marketing your business.  Check off the 5 MUST Haves for your Facebook Fan Page and you’ll surely Impress Your Visitors:

Beth Neibert & Associates Facebook Business Page1.  Complete and Accurate Information, Both on the Info Tab and the Wall – A Must and a great place to start when creating your Facebook Fan Page.  Include your [Read more…]


Social Media – Is it the New “Good Ol’ Boy” System?

Social Media: for some it’s a mysterious hole in their marketing strategy or something to avoid all together.  For others it’s the freedom and fun they’ve been looking for.  A way to stay in touch with all of their friends and family… a way to market products and services to people they don’t normally come in contact with.

I personally find the evolution of social media intriguing.  In many respects, I think of it as a modern day version of the “Good Ol’ Boy System”. [Read more…]